Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Traditional Tangkhul Naga house in chingjaroi Village, Ukhrul Distirct.

 They said he probably is the oldest person alive in the village, he might be more than 100 years old.
He was shy infront of the lens but manage to click a few. We had a nice chat with him and parted our own ways. It was a great feeling. We could still imagine his face on our way back home.

Preparing for dinner. pork chop..


Pamyo said...
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Pamyo said...

Kudos to all the individuals behind these beautiful pictures.These images are a valuable documentation of the few remaining architects of our forefathers.

Unknown said...

The pictures were beautiful. But I have to say something tat is tat the architecture , house designs and carving are all poumai. Chingjaroi itself is not really tangkhul .It is true tat the village has now adopted tangkhul names and languages but It still has a lot of poumai Tradition and customs. The houses should ,I believe not be called tangkhul naga house.